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The service providers today are constantly hit by changes to their business environment. While, largely operating on a lean model, the mechanics of business have undergone a huge transformation. Communication service providers have converted from legacy to an all in one digital service provider. Our end to end framework of support helps leverage in increasing efficiency, drive successful cost reductions and encourage innovation.

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Digital Analytics Services 01

Digital analytics service acquires statistics on usage, trends and allows the company to make concrete decisions based on this. It also includes digital consulting, application customization and business analytics for data driven insights.

Internet of Things 02

Since IoTs are gaining a lot of traction, it is paramount for telecommunication companies to be allow users to leverage these services to provide a more customized experience. A solution we explored is to allow the end user to connect to an IoT device and determine the amount of network data shared from the phone to the device

Machine Learning 03

Analyzing the customer’s usage statistics and recommending specific plans, automatic recharge, smart assistant to help process payments, chat bots to help new customers find the right plan, etc., are a few of the places ML is currently helping the industry in overcoming time and resource constraints.

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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

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