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Logistics is a growing industry that is continually refining and strategizing optimum delivery processes. While much of the industry remains focused on standard procedures, it is evident there is still a lot to gain by adapting to changing and emerging technologies.

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ERP 01

For a transport or logistics company, it is vital to be able to track the delivery times, return dates, load functions of your fleet. Creating and integrating a tracker app and dashboard to their ERP system, allowed companies to be able to track their cargo in real time. By leveraging the phone’s location services, the deployed solution was able to gather insights even while offline.

Machine learning 02

ML has proven to transform the logistics and transport industry by being able to optimize route planning for faster delivery times, identifying reusability of vehicles to reduce operational costs, and facilitating cargo-pooling for efficient fuel usage.

Monitoring 03

Machine to machine communication using radio-frequency identification is an invaluable tool in monitoring damage, enabling real-time visibility and sending alerts to devices to spur appropriate action.

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Mobile Engineering

Mobile Engineering

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