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Intern Experiences

Internships at doodleblue open the door to students and new grads looking to learn from some of the best in the business. Our interns are part of the team - they work on actual client projects and face real deadlines and deliverables. All of this is done in an environment where learning is "king" and the support is endless.


" I thoroughly enjoyed my internship @ doodleblue and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I developed many skills such as multitasking, communicating, dealing with deadlines and learnt many stacks. Thanks to Atishe Sir and Tripti Ma'am for giving me the opportunity. I learnt more than I expected. "

- Anju S
Software Engineer Intern

" I totally adored this six-month internship program in doodleblue. I learned a lot in this internship, not only about web engineering, but also about myself. This internship is not like any other program, as interns here are treated as employees, I feel that I grew tremendously as a professional. The most phenomenal thing about being a doodleblue intern for my last semester in VIT was working under such incredibly talented people. "

- Prasun Jaiswal
Software Engineer Intern

" My internship at doodleblue was nice (totally). I learnt alot of new softwares and I hope to join again. It was a creative experience and now I have learnt the basics of building an app. The internship went quite smoothly. I hope all is well there and I am waiting for my next visit. "

- Aadya
Youngest Design Intern

" I totally loved my internship days as I got an opportuinity to work on live projects and in the process, I learnt and gained massive knowledge which is of tremendous help now. doodleblue is a great place to learn, grow and transform yourself to be the dream person you wished to be "

- Kasif Hussain
Android Developer Intern

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