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Education sector is constantly evolving and one can evidently see transformation happen with every passing second. To cater to such a field is a challenge, to deliver quality solutions that will solve long term problems, in a very short span. To enable students to become career-ready, the finishing education phase is where our solutions come in help. The system aims to assist teachers and students with cognitive technology and help analyze and learn.

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Redefining Education 01

This is a customized solution for career decision making that provides teachers and parents to make a consolidated appraisal on the child’s development through the syllabus and allows students to grasp concepts quickly through custom made assessments.

Predictive Model Learning 02

Based on the students’ performance on assessments, their preferences and usage patterns, the AI driven system will guide the child towards uniform development.

Wearables and IoT 03

Wearable devices are capable of providing a seamless learning experience. The solution we built could suggest productivity improvements, record and play course material on the go, could respond to basic questions.

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Enterprise Application Development

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