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Quality assurance as a service

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Holistic QA Testing Services

Our end-to-end QA testing services incorporates environmental and procedural readiness strategies and activities to provide adequate support to ensure the success of each Release System Test.

UI Analysis and Testing

Perform a thorough analysis of the developed UI against the planned one to identify bugs and raise strategic suggestions to optimize usability.

API Testing

Identify test cases for each API with pros and cons to validate each API and fix potential bugs.

System Test cases

Effective system testing cases are covered with pros and cons using out-of-the-box testing scenarios and each test case is mapped with the real user stories to identify and fix potential system bugs.

System Execution

Execute system test cases for each iteration and post bugs in defect management tools.

Performance Testing

Run a performance test with performance testing tools and execute the APIs with a certain load to analyze the report and fine-tune the server performance.

Tool Usage

Leverage best-in-class tools for automation like regression testing, load testing tools, migration tools, defect management, and release management tools.

QA as a Service

Leverage a broad set of QA testing capabilities by non-technical and real users to fix performance issues with agile development.

QA Tests from Real Users

Perform quality assurance for functional tests, usability tests, compatibility tests, and localization tests of your product or new features on real end-users and optimize the user experience on products before deployment.

Scalable QA Testing

Test your features and products on hundreds of different environments and devices to obtain a highly efficient application.

Save Time and Costs

The speedy testing process from a large number of users leads to faster execution and better result at an effective cost.

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