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Leisure Line

UI/UX & Design Thinking

An experienced travel and tourism firm required a platform that easily connected with their audience to create brand awareness as well as increase sales.

The organization had a good foot traffic and sales but required an increase in online traffic and enhanced online presence.


Analyze and Find the Root Cause

Our engineering and product team analyzed the existing website and determined that the user experience and journey had to be rethought. Instead of working within the existing product, where there were limitations with coding and flow level, the best option was to build the website from ground up.


Rethink the End Experience

Our design team along with experienced UX strategists collaborated with the development team and planned an interactive and immersive roadmap to build a website while thinking through objectives such as ease of use, retaining audiences and user journeys.

  • A picture is worth 1,000 words so we opted for a clean site with cool colours and simple typeface to emphasize the photography.
  • We built an easy-to-navigate website using HTML, CSS for front end and node.js, php and python at the backend support.


The stability of platform gave support to grow the online traffic through offer campaigns


increase in page traffic


increase in sales


increase in interaction

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