When a language you don’t comprehend, appears on your Facebook’s news feed, you can translate it with the click of a button.Like many translation tools, Facebook also came with an issue: The translations almost never made sense!

But, it has come up with an optimal solution to eliminate that caveat. Last Friday, Facebook’s AI lab released a paper describing a technology that will accelerate the evolution of translation not only internally but also across the internet!

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Facebook’s ‘Express Wi-Fi’ Test Run in Rural India – A Potential competitor for Google’s Railwire?

With the aim to provide internet access to the whole country, Facebook recently tested “Express Wi-Fi” in the rural regions of India. This mission is to bring affordable internet connection in the rural regions of the country. For a country with 600,000 villages, it was Mr.Modi’s dream to connect India on a digital platform and enable internet access to every person in the country.

Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi

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Fake News Trends in Facebook- Chaos Sans Sixth Sense

Facebook which is doubling as a much sought after news medium, this time for popularizing news that was classified fake to the bone! On August 31st, the news feed ran a false story stating that anchor Megyn Kelly was fired from Fox News for being liberally supportive of Hillary Clinton in her political opinions. This news gained traction quicker than a forest fire and started raising fate altering discussions. Realizing their folly, Facebook removed the story, apologized and promised to straighten up their system.


Facebook fake news

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Going Single: Facebook Messenger, now just Messenger

Just count the number of applications you use for messaging! Aren't there over a million of them? Messaging applications have become just another thing to survive on, haven't they? Studies show that over 28% of our time has been spent on social networking. Not only has it become addictive but it has also now become the need of the hour. Facebook is now planning to make messenger a total stand-alone app. Which means that one would not even require a Facebook account to login to the messenger app.

Facebook Messenger - Going single

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