7 Reasons Why You Need To Work For doodleblue

7 Reasons why you need to work for doodleblue

This is the first of the List article series from doodleblue innovations! Through these fun articles we tell you why you need to think of us when you need an app for your latest tech need, an active social media life for your company (or even you!) or maybe even a job offer from us! 

This article tells you why you need to work in doodleblue innovations and those are some swanky but solid facts that we deliver! Read more to find out why! 


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In the midst of large corporate giants, I chose a startup

We have all had our career choices, haven't we? Even before finishing our high school being a part of corporate giants like Apple, Mahindra, Tata, J.P. Morgan, Google, etc., have always been the goal. But, do we really see ourselves as what we imagined to be. Are we exactly playing the part we played in our dreams? Are we one in a million or one in a hundred? Getting into a startup has been a trend these days. It's surprising how large number of graduates are specifically aiming to get into startups. We wondered why and spoke to few passionate youngsters to find out the story behind it!

Corporate vs startup

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doodleblue is a boutique creative technology solutions consulting firm. Our focus is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses succeed with their technology solutions. We love working on cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, OCR, Google glasses, and more in the mobility space.