Artificial Intelligence’s Primacy and Supremacy

Recently in World Economic Forum held in Davos, Google CEO Sundar Pichai recognized AI to be more profound than electricity or fire. From Alexa to Self-driving cars, Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. AI is always depicted as robots with human characteristics or a technology that dominates the whole world at its peak in science fiction movies. There were also many instances in which AI will dominate humans. Researchers and scientists pose a shadow of doubt when it comes to denying the chances of occurrence of such incidents and they also believe that such full evolution of AI might happen in 2060 or 2100 or even centuries.

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3 observed trends to a modern UI

We all keep hearing about UI. But what really is UI? UI is everything that is designed into an information device with which a human may interact. In short, it is a medium of interaction between the machine and the user (human). So, what if we did not have this middle agent? What if we could directly interact with the machine? Wouldn’t everything be simpler and quicker?


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