mLearn empowers tutors and students to come together for virtual learning. It allows for tutors to be connected to multiple students around the globe. mLearn also gives tutors the opportunity to be global teachers and make money via the mLearn app.


  • You can sign up as a teacher or as a student.
  • Two ways to signup: Email address and password or via Facebook Free for Students.
  • Students can join a session after getting an invite from the teacher or by entering the access code for the session.

Create a session

  • As a teacher, you can create a session and invite the students entering their email ids.
  • The drawing page is where all the actions happen during the session and the students can view what is being done in the real time and can request access to edit it.
  • Audio conferencing facility is also available during the session.
  • Teachers can have two sessions for free. Please contact us for the pricing details.
mLearn-session creation