Community enterprise app

The Community enterprise app allows members to engage, stay updated and connected within the community in an easy manner.

Stay Informed

The left menu covers all the information you need to stay updated on what’s going on within the community.

community enterprise app
  • Newsletter

    Sends you the latest information

  • Minutes of Meeting

    All the meeting updates are covered here

  • Resources

    The essential details you need to know about the community

  • Boards/Committee

    Look who makes up the committee and the board

  • Feedback

    Something you want to tell about the app? Just send an email and it will be taken care of.

Did you know?Community Enterprise App has been developed using the scalable backend technology of Magento, which is used by the leading businesses due to its high security infrastructure and encryption methods.

Your Activities

From activities like attending an event to giving feedback the right navigation gives you the opportunity to stay engaged within the community. The administrator now has all his activities in one tap.

  • My Events

    Create and check the list of events and RSVP to it

  • My Tasks

    The admin can assign a task to the member and the member can update the status once he completes

  • My Announcements

    All the announcements from community can be viewed here

  • My Attendance

    Your attendance will be marked for the events you have been invited

  • My Polls

    Create and vote on polls

  • my Settings

    All the feeds are now available in your email account if you wish

your activities on app

Did you know?Community Enterprise App can contain up to 100,000 records without slowing down the app while performing super quick!

The Details

Community Enterprise App gives you finer details like feeds and directory where you can have all the needed information at your finger tips.

The details
  • Live feed

    Shows you feeds from events, task, polls, announcements, feedback, birthdays and anniversaries. And it gets updated live!

  • calendar

    All your events are synced to the calendar so just click on the date and you will know your schedule.

  • directory

    The directory is loaded with the contact details of every member. Not only their phone number but also their email ids, website, facebook, twitter details and interests. It makes you feel closer to each member.

Did you know?You can stay updated with Community Enterprise App through push notifications so that every feed is shown in your mobile screen.