Wearables that found a new life in Roger Moore’s hands – Nostalgic trip to the evergreen Bond and his gadgets


  Roger Moore was perhaps the most charismatic actor to have carried the “Bond charisma” without diluting it. Being a major part of the Bond franchise, Roger Moore has handled some mind blowing gadgets that are still better than some of the technologies use today!

  Remembering the handsome actor and his smart gadgets, doodleblue Innovations looks at the fancy wearables and their potential from the Bond infantry!

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Athena – A Smart Wearable for Women's Safety

In this era of innovations and booming technological advancements, wearable technologies have paved way for good – be it for the purpose of entertainment or for social status. But, the human brain is so magnificent that it could come up with new innovations every day. Innovations with a sprinkle of social message and for the social well-being of people in the society. Athena is one such innovation that needs recognition by the people in the society. Athena by ROAR aims in protecting women from any sort of assaults or violence.


Athena - smart wearable

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