10th April was a huge day for Uber drivers as Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced his pioneer product launch, the revamped driver app that has been refurbished with features that drivers wanted.

Having expressed in his keynote that drivers are the centre of the Uber experience and agreed that they have been left out of the limelight as the company grew. In the past, Uber had been releasing apps for users to make their in-cab experience enjoyable.

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Digital conductors

Recently, the doodleblue HQ has been buzzing with discussions on report published by Dell Technologies in collaboration with the Institute for the Future (IFTF).

This report has given deep insights on how emerging technologies likes Artificial Intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud computing will change how we work, for the next decade.

Read more to find out what our Digital Technology R&D have to say about this gradual paradigm shift.

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Work For doodleblue

7 Reasons why you need to work for doodleblue

This is the first of the List article series from doodleblue innovations! Through these fun articles we tell you why you need to think of us when you need an app for your latest tech need, an active social media life for your company (or even you!) or maybe even a job offer from us! 

This article tells you why you need to work in doodleblue innovations and those are some swanky but solid facts that we deliver! Read more to find out why! 


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WOMEN IN STARTUPS – Progressing beyond gender bias

Women in Startups

With not much opinion available on the net, we come to the conclusion that women in startups can be considered as a topic that is probably being given a negligent miss or is being considered a sensitive topic to comment on.

Women and technology, if used together in a sentence a decade ago, the patriarchal society would have pooh pooh-ed it saying that “Girls don’t just get tech”. Today, the scene has taken a 360 degree change but the opinions are sadly the same even today.

In an initiative to bring to light, the shrouded facts around this topic, doodleblue innovations tells what it feels like to run a successful startup with a majority of women employees.

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Recruitment And Selection Strategies For The Modern Workforce - Part 1

Modest sets of wooden furniture, (some wobbling and some sturdy), roaring table fans and steel cupboards creaking at a single touch, and a bespectacled elderly  munimji (accountant), reclusively sitting in a small corner tallying accounts using his fingers and a magnifying glass; all under one roof of a dilapidated, ‘can collapse any moment’ building. This has predominantly and invariably been the usual set up of an office in olden times.

Recruitment And Selection Strategies part 1

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Presenting Oneself at an Interview

Presenting Oneself at an Interview


The term interview might instil a potent fear in some of you out there probably because they mean so much these days. To clear an interview and get selected for a job is considered a mammoth achievement in all sectors alike. For this, the candidates work harder than their usual but what one usually forgets or rather ignores during all this course is how to present himself in front of the interviewer.

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In the midst of large corporate giants, I chose a startup

We have all had our career choices, haven't we? Even before finishing our high school being a part of corporate giants like Apple, Mahindra, Tata, J.P. Morgan, Google, etc., have always been the goal. But, do we really see ourselves as what we imagined to be. Are we exactly playing the part we played in our dreams? Are we one in a million or one in a hundred? Getting into a startup has been a trend these days. It's surprising how large number of graduates are specifically aiming to get into startups. We wondered why and spoke to few passionate youngsters to find out the story behind it!

Corporate vs startup

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