‘Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity’ – Hippocrates

Due the rapid advancement in technology, today our doctors are able to diagnose, monitor and consult a patient from a distance through advanced telemedicine technology, videoconferencing, remote monitoring and other methods.

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Is It Time to Redesign your Business Website?

The need for having an aesthetic looking website is paramount for the success of any company. Your website is the first thing the client visits before deciding whether or not to collaborate with you. The web design needs to be top notch, appealing to the eye and better than that of your competitor’s website.

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Facebook’s ‘Express Wi-Fi’ Test Run in Rural India – A Potential competitor for Google’s Railwire?

With the aim to provide internet access to the whole country, Facebook recently tested “Express Wi-Fi” in the rural regions of India. This mission is to bring affordable internet connection in the rural regions of the country. For a country with 600,000 villages, it was Mr.Modi’s dream to connect India on a digital platform and enable internet access to every person in the country.

Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi

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The Difference Between UI and UX

Difference Between UI and UX

These days, a lot of people ask the difference between UI and UX design in web development. To comprehend this from a layman’s point of view, the UI design can be seen as the engine of an automobile without which it is nothing and the UX is the feeling one gets while driving the particular vehicle. 


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A Developer's Tale

Geek, techie, computer specialist, dork. These are some of the common names used by a non-technical person to describe a developer or a programmer. Well, to a certain extent they are not entirely wrong!

Developer's Tale

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3 observed trends to a modern UI

We all keep hearing about UI. But what really is UI? UI is everything that is designed into an information device with which a human may interact. In short, it is a medium of interaction between the machine and the user (human). So, what if we did not have this middle agent? What if we could directly interact with the machine? Wouldn’t everything be simpler and quicker?


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