Smart Tours

The world’s first pint sized tour guide that helps you overcome the travel curse and wreck your trip from Queens town to Milford Sound!

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Almost every travel app shows you the directions, but none of them takes you through the town with audio commentary of the place you’re driving. With extensive travel experience, our team has put together a virtual tour guide that befriends you in your car. The idea behind this app was to come up with unique database integration and GPS capabilities which could put the user in control of his/her travel experience.

More than just an Interactive App

To make Smart Tours far beyond being just a regular travel app, our team came up with techniques which will allow the app to provide full description of your travel route, travelling distances and highlights of the journey. The live map shows position of every town and place you cross by with the feature of an informative audio guide. You can choose to read the information on screen or listen to the audio.

This app helps travelers find fun faster while on the road.

interactive app

Works fully offline

The app is triggered by GPS. To make it effortless for the users, doodleblue thought to develop it in such a way that users need not bear expensive roaming charges. Just download the tour before you leave home or in an internet cafe and let Smart Tour be your guide.

offline app

Travel Adviser and Planner

We also tried to build an app which serves the perfect way to find activities, accommodation, food and drink. Once you put this app on your phone or tablet, its internal GPS works with the app and verbally talks with you through the drive, telling you all the interesting local stories, history geography, fun facts and legends. It shows you what hot spots are on your left, on your right, and which ones are a must to stop at.

travel adviser and planner