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all that's happening today!!

Search café, pubs, bars and restaurants based on your mood, venue and hubs

MOOD Based Search

We categorized the happenings based on three categories EAT, DRINK or GROOVE. Under each category user can find offers and events around him or in any specified location.

Mood based search
Hub based search

HUB Based Search

A city is classified into several hubs. The app selects the hub you are in and shows what’s happening around. The user can also select any other hub to check out what’s happening there.

We used GPS based location tracking to find the users location. The location tracking algorithm has inbuilt error corrections which exactly tracks user locations.

VENUE Based Search

The user can search based on venue. All the offers and events are updated on real time. The user can track what’s happening on his favourite venue with minimum interaction

Venue based search
Social Media sharing

Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing option is integrated with the app allowing user to share events or offers.

UI design for app


The app has a simple UI requiring minimum user interaction.

  • Click on the card to get details
  • Long press image to zoom
  • Tap on the phone icon to call
  • Click on locations to get directions
  • Share the event with your friends on social media with a touch