Inaki is an educational mobile app, designed to enhance eidetic or photographic memory in children between the age groups 3 to 8. Inaki interactively engages kids through a range of activities to enhance their eidetic memory in an addictive & fun way.

inaki app
design of inaki


All the cartoons and drawings used here are handwritten. We wanted to display the authenticity and creativity in our design. So, we took out our crayon box and doodled it!

User Interface

Audio Interactions

Responsive audio interactions based on user actions guides the user to better navigate in the app.

Illustrated Puzzles

Illustrated puzzles in categories like colors, numbers, alphabets, places and nature helps kids to better problem solving skills, enhance their observation skills and also helps them learn simple concepts of color, numbers and alphabets.

Simple Format

The uncomplicated format of the app makes it simple to use. The minimalistic design helps users to focus on content and makes the app responsive increasing user experience.

simple format of inaki illustrated puzzles of inaki audio interactions of inaki