doodleblue has the privilege of working with a leading entrepreneurship programme at Harvard Business School. The FIELD3 program brings together the world's best engineering & business minds to take open problems and convert them to business opportunities. The central component of the program involves building a minimum viable product that can achieve their business goals.

Right from brainstorming sessions, technical feasibility analyses, building engineering prototypes and scalable solutions, this collaboration ventures in many core areas.






Authenticities and TravelShare are two apps that are special to doodleblue.Authenticities is a travel blog that is not fancy and does not demand any postcard worthy pictures. It enables travellers to tag the location and write in their own simple words, their experience in that place.Our idea for the app was simple to suit the need: We created a login page which had a space to write the travelogue, tag the location and posting option linked with the traveller’s social media account. TravelShare is a unique app for facilitating carpooling within friends connected on Facebook. It enables people to set their journey date and number of vacant seats so that their friends can booktheir place.

We slightly tweaked the idea and gave the driver absolute power to select who they travel with! Over Facebook we enabled an event creation that notifies everyone in the friend list of the upcoming journey and the number of seats available. Interested travellers get to block their seats and the event is locked 24 hours before the journey. The driver, however gets to review and choose who his passengers are. Working with Harvard is a real learning experience to get back to college days and to experience thedrive of dynamic minds.


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