GrabHouse is a broker-free properties rental portal. doodleblue helped GrabHouse develop an Android application for their surveyors to upload details about a property through their mobile phones directly to their website.

Integrating The Process

GrabHouse had an existing process to upload data through their website by the time that doodleblue joined in. This meant a whole lot of analysis, review and integration of the technical system and processes to be done before proceeding. Nevertheless, we quickly moved through the analysis phase to ensure that all our developers were on the same page.

integrating the process integrating the process integrating the process

Launching The Android App

Expanding a website to an Android app is a challenge in many ways and a race against time. The best strategy is to define the features clearly and work on that. At doodleblue, we did just that through diligent planning and launched the app successfully on time.

launching the app
grabhouse website

The GrabHouse Website