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Dev ops Engineer

  • The candidate must have detailed experience with GCP, AZURE, AWS and all of its resources(or at least its main resources such as EC2, S3, RDS, and Kubernetes), very familiar with Cloudformation to create and maintain AWS resources.
  • Experience in Jenkins with writing and building Jenkins Pipelines using Groovy script, understand continuous integration and deployment best practices.
  • Experience in the Java Spring framework to help development teams troubleshoot application issues.
  • Experience in using the AWS Ruby SDK, AWS python SDK (botocore), and AWS Java SDK
  • Experience in PHP, Node, Python, and Java at the Object-Oriented Programming level
  • Familiar with the puppet program to help manage software installations
  • Experience in Java build processes using Gradle, Maven, and Ant.
  • The candidate must be a Team player, friendly, willing to help and be familiar with architectural best practices.

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