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Building a collaborative team can be difficult, that's no secret, add to that the current remote working conditions and you've got a herculean challenge on your hands. Statistics suggest that it is indeed getting harder to manage and improve overall team performance given the growing hybrid working structures and as may be obvious, this negatively impacts employee satisfaction, work quality, revenue generation, and business growth.

Given that we're in the age of new technologies, some of the challenges posed by the hybrid work system can easily be addressed. Whether it's through the use of application software or artificial intelligence, technology is a great asset for any organization’s growth. In this blog, we'll dip into the various avenues in which technology can offer assistance and help you build a more collaborative hybrid workforce.

Project Management

A strong management system is all that's needed to support a remote work scenario, where teams are working on the cloud. It allows teams to be on the same page, aware of tasks, responsibilities, and project statuses at all times. There are several project management tools that are efficient solutions to handling such tasks remotely, but here are two that we use most at doodleblue.


Basecamp is known for its remote operating structure and it's only fitting that they've created a project management tool that makes remote work simple and convenient. For some, however, the solution may be a little too simple, especially when there is a need for in-depth management features like task dependencies and detailed reporting. For those looking for an easy-to-use solution, this is it.


A spreadsheet and database management tool Airtable can also be used efficiently for project management. Online and easy-to-use, Airtable allows users to create and share task lists and databases. With a simple user interface that's, colorful and friendly, anyone can create a database task list in mere minutes. From storing project lists, organizing tasks, and collaborating on information Airtable is the revolutionized spreadsheet on the cloud.

Time tracking

Time tracking is not something that's new to the work environment - it's been around since the industrial revolution - from punch cards in factories to swiping in at offices, the habit remains the same, but the technology new. For remote teams, tracking time can be a helpful tool to assess the amount of time-specific tasks take and to better manage project time allocation.


Clockify is a free time tracking tool that allows you to track projects, tasks and create time tracking reports for each user. The tool allows you to create timesheets and even turn them into visual reports, assisting the invoicing process for clients and monitoring your remote team's activities. Clockify also allows you to set targets and reminders to help the team remember to track time, and much more.

Toogl Track

Formerly known as Toggl, Toggl Track is a remote-first company, and their solution is designed for both remote and on-site teams. With the tool, you can automatically track time, define billable rates, sync your logged time across devices, and determine reporting requirements. Toggl Track also has multiple integrations with other apps, including email reminders to help team members remember to track their hours.

Video Conferencing

While chat is great for most of your virtual communication requirements, there are times when you need a call to effectively get your point across. And, video calls are the next best thing when sitting across someone is out of the question. There are multiple apps you can turn to that are meant to facilitate such virtual meetups, but here are some of our favorites when it comes to video conferencing solutions.


No, it's not a new video conferencing tool, rather an add-on to make video calls less distracting. Krisp ensures a better quality of communication by essentially, canceling out unnecessary noise. From loud conversations, dogs barking and traffic to keyboard clicks and the ever so often loud fan on your laptop the app mutes background noises on your while on a call. What's great about Krisp is that you can mute background noise on over 800 apps, including popular preferences such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Google Meet

The usual suspect, Google Meet, has stepped up its video conferencing technology to offer Zoom some serious competition. For those already on Google's suite of solutions, Meet is just a click away. The video call feature is superb, and all you need is a Google account to create a video conference through Google Meet. You can invite up to 100 participants on Google Meet for a session for up to 1 hour, for free — Google also offers a Workspace Essentials plan that has more features and options for organizations.

Parting thoughts

Managing tasks, collaborating with teams shouldn't be a problem, even if you're physically away from your team. Yes, there are hurdles with remote working and project management, but a lack of tech solutions is not one. These tools will help you maintain successful remote communication, keep your priorities in order and in sync with your team's so that you can collaborate just as efficiently (if not even better) as if you were in an office environment. Read more about how an organization can adapt to digital.

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