With the bots era upon us, tomorrow is already here!

With the bots era upon us, tomorrow is already here!

Imagine texting a number to your nearest food joint and having it delivered without even talking to a real person - that's what bots does for us. More specifically, a bot is an artificial intelligence software application that performs an automated task, such as reminding you about a meeting or downloading movies online.

For the first time in history, a software will communicate with us in a medium we are familiar with. This technology will adjust to us and help us with our everyday tasks. This technology that talk to us like humans are called bots, and they are pretty damn amazing!

Combining scripts and deep learning networks, bots can foresee an accurate response to a question or statement posted to them. Today's bots can help us make a reservation, book air tickets or even read news to us.


bots era



What can bots do?

Bots can be friendly, can interact with us like humans and assist us with business processes in a simple and useful way. For example, slackbot could help remind you about your meetings or The Hi Poncho chatbot in Facebook Messenger predicts the weather around you.

The advantage of bots is that they are programmed to respond like humans when you talk to them so it literally feels like asking a person for help instead of just typing something into a search engine. They make users feel like they're interacting with another person, probably a real friend.

With technology influencers like Facebook and Microsoft throwing their hats into chatbot ring, it is pretty safe to say that the bot era is upon us. Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Slack are creating their own bots to provide users with everything, be it shopping, paying bills, or fixing appointments. Companies like Facebook are selling chatbots as the way brands interact with customers in the future. 


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So what happens to intelligent agents like Siri, Cortana and Google Now?

Chatbots are positioned to replace apps that perform identical functions in narrow verticals, such as requesting a cab ride or reserving movie tickets. Bots are powered to assist us manage most of our digital activities.

Studies show people are using fewer apps, and a lot has been written about the issue that developers face in today’s growing app market. We spend more than 85 % of our time on a smartphone, but 84 % of that time is spent browsing non-native apps from the App Store.

 Humans, being the most complex creatures in this planet are biased thinkers with emotional needs, the gap between messaging with a friend and messaging a bot will be very fine to nonexistent for people creating psychological problems for some. It is predicted that Chatbots will soon replace both search engines and social networking.

Does this mean that the golden age of apps is coming to an end?


Collaborator: Madhumitha Sundaramurthi


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