This just goes to show that whatsapp has a very large customer base with over 1 billion daily users. The key to WhatsApp’s success is its lack of an ecosystem. It is lean, uncluttered and simply ties to your phone number. More and more people are using it to connect it ommunicate with their businesses as its fast and effective.

WhatsApp is now gearing up to finally monetize its messaging app by charging large enterprises businesses for tools to better communication with their customers. WhatsApp will also offer a free app to small and-to-medium sized companies businesses, though it hasn’t outlined the specific functionality of the app. The enterprise solution will allow global companies to provide its customers with useful notifications like flight times, delivery confirmations, and other updates.

Many start-ups and small scale businesses are already using whatsapp for communication though in an unofficial way. Providing support for their Business Accounts will bring them a much needed upgradatione in their communications. Using With this, whatsapp is tapingwill be able to tap  on a gold mine because as it has a lot of potential for growth.

The world has gone mobile with more than 75% of the world messaging. MillennialsMillennials are hooked to their mobiles 24*7 and use this as a day to day tool for communication. Hence it’s’ impossible to overlook the advent of WHATSAPP BUSINESS ACCOUNTS.

For now, it looks like the free version will enable small business to reach their customers one to one, with very little automation — only something they’re calling “away messages.”. Enterprise companies operating at a larger scale will be allowed to automate useful notifications, such as flight times, delivery confirmations, and others.

It’s extremely advantageous for consumers as they do not have to download apps to connect with their desired business users es. With whatsapp’s business accounts customers would be able to cancommunicate directly and effectively communicate with the business, as and when and how they want toit.

WhatsappThey hasve even taken care of the privacy and safety of the customers as whatsapp for businesses will only contact those people who have agreed to share their numbers. Conversations with businesses are will be  encrypted and they can be blocked by the user easily.

The small scale business owners have a lot of potential and can broaden their horizons because as the  communication with their clients is will becomegoing get extremely easy.and they can  We can expect a rise in the business financials because of as  this will become a new business behavior.

WhatsApp has the potential to be the best for business to consumer communication, providing a utility-focused, spam-free communication channel. Whatsapp has been able to benefit a  fromlot from learning from other communication channels  platforms’ mistakes and successes. Surely this Iif it is  done right isin the right manner , it would become a  going to be a game changer in many ways, as it’s would  revolutionalisrevolutionariesing the  way of internal and external communication channels for years to come.

This has come as a respite for small scale organization and has the potential to grow further. In my opinion, With the popularity of Whatsapp which it has garnered over the years, there are no qualms about the success of whatsapp for  business accounts.

COLLABORATORS : Pooja Behuria, Shurti Balakrishnan and Harshwardhan Grover

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