Wave Goodbye To 2016 And Welcome The New Year With These Top Devices!

With the year coming to an end, it is important to look back and thank all those devices and their creators who made your life easy in this busy day of work. Here are the top 5 smart devices of 2016 that hit the market with its unique and enhanced features.

welcome new year with top new devices


Amazon Echo, responds to the name Alexa is a smart speaker that paved way into the market with its Artificial Intelligence voice service. Amazon Echo provides services such as weather reports from accuweather, news from various sources, local radio, music from google music play or Spotify or user’s mobile music library, sets alarms, to-do list, shopping and accesses Wikipedia articles. With voice commands and other smart features, this devices has crashed the purchase traffic in the market.



Google Pixel, the android smartphone designed and market by google is the major competitor in the market for other smartphones developed by various other smartphone company. Google Pixel rushed into market being the soul competitor to the latest Apple Product, iPhone 7 and 7S. The device is equipped with Android 7.1 Nouget. Its sleek design and crystal clear camera quality are the add-ons that every android lover would anticipate. Its battery is something that need an appreciation. Designed for its durability, the mobile can charge in mere 15 minutes and the battery can last for the whole day without a second charge. All the android lovers looking out for a new mobile, go grab this. It’s worth investment that you could ever make.


Google pixel



Are you a gaming enthusiast? Do you want to experience the virtual presence in the gaming world? Play Station VR is a must have to experience the exotic in the gaming field. It’s armed with 5.7” OLED screen, 360 degree vision and built in microphone which enable the users to converse with their online friends and discuss the gaming tactics. The VR Camera helps the tracking of the headset and allows the gamer to be in the centre of VR gaming universe. With the help of PS4, it changes the whole experience of gaming.


Play station VR



Does your phone drain battery really fast? Are you tired with the tangled wires? No worries. With the new Qi Enabled charging pad, the problem comes to an end with the solution. This wireless charger supports all the Qi enabled devices to recharge their battery anywhere. The charging pad is designed with LED lights indicating the charging conditions. Its sleek and ultra slim body is an add-on and it only weighs 54 grams which is compact, premium and fashionable. This charging pad is equipped with anti-slip gel pad, making it steady and safe while charging your device.


wireless charging pad



In this era where safety and privacy is put forth as a question and is debateable across the world, SkyBell doorbells are the life savers. This smart video doorbell allows you to see, hear and talk to the visitor at your door step whether you are at home, at work or on the go. This doorbell is equipped with a HD camera, sensor, mic and speaker which enables it to work smart. A press on doorbell sends an alert to your smartphone offering the user to do a live monitoring, free HD Video recording, colour night vision. With its app, your safety is on point. Investing money on this smart device will be the best decision you make for yourself as well as for your family.

Wifi enabled door bell

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