Three unusual yet satisfying apps

Do you identify yourself as Celine Dion, Picasso, and the next Iron Chef? Look no further!

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With the vast number of mobile apps available today it can be difficult to decide on which ones to download. At a certain point, people may even begin to wonder what the mobile app developers’ motives were for some of products found in store —notably, the app that makes flatulent sounds.

Nonetheless, mobile users will download apps.

While some people may have a rather minimalist approach and only keep a handful of apps they need to survive, others are more willing to explore what’s out there. When technology right in front of us can help us stay connected, be creative, and overall help us live better lives —i.e. apps that remind people to take their medications— then why not take advantage of the cornucopia of apps out there?

An app is especially valuable when it is easy to use, has sophisticated design, and performs a task that is slightly out of the ordinary. You really hit the jackpot when you find this kind of app and it also suits your particular interests and needs. As an iPhone user passionate across several art fields —including performing, visual, and culinary— I have a few favorite apps that I feel are worth mentioning.

1. For the pop-culture fanatic: Dubsmash

For the pop-culture fanatic: Dubsmash

Dub Smash is an app that lets you look up hit songs, quotable movie lines, and a pretty much any sound imaginable --all so that you can pretend you are the one making it! With the popularity of lip sync battles --e.g. America’s talk show host Jimmy Fallon, among other celebrities have notable performances-- and various adaptations on television and Youtube, Dubsmash is an app that allows its users to be a part of the trend. Once you find what you want to dub from a library of audio files, known as the soundboard, you can videotape yourself singing “Uptown Funk” as if you are Bruno Mars in concert, reenacting your favorite scene from “Frozen” with your friends, or doing your own take of your favorite Bollywood number. Since Dubsmash users themselves are able to upload audio to the soundboard, you might actually find that esoteric movie line --if not, you can simply add it. Always remember to share your best work with friends. You only need to bring your strong lip-syncing game (no acting or singing skills required) to be a master at Dubsmash.

2. For the visually inspired: Adobe Color CC

For the visually inspired: Adobe Color CC

Adobe is known for its high quality software, which is found to be used across almost all professions -biologists and architects alike. As the company continues to update its classic programs (like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign), it is also expanding to make products that are more accessible —namely the variety of free design-oriented apps for iPad and iPhone. One of the unique ones is Adobe Color CC. For designers, and anyone one else who has spontaneous bursts of inspiration, Adobe Color CC might be a perfect match. If you are the kind of person who develops ideas from what you see --be it the beautiful earth tones found in nature or the vibrant neon colors during a scene of your favorite show-- you can use Adobe Color CC to photograph it. The app will then allow you to pinpoint areas of the photo as a color reference, and will automatically create a palette from the points you pick, finding the each of the color’s codes. If your Creative Cloud is set up, your palette will be synced to other Adobe CC programs. So, you can finally create a rendering of your forest-themed house or design your infographic on animal species, all with the perfect color scheme. Adobe Color CC great for those who want to create art that imitates life, but even more accurately.

3. For the vehement foodie: Evernote Food

For the vehement foodie: Evernote FoodThere might be a ton of food and recipe apps you have to sift through before finding "the one". Evernote Food is my choice primarily for its array of features and multi-device accessibility. Usually a lot of the recipe apps I come across have a variety of recipes you can search —and just that. But in addition to this library model, Evernote Food also allows users to add their own recipes to their cookbooks, or share them. On top of that, there are also options to search and save recipes and articles for later. But if you don’t consider yourself a chef, and you just like food, do not worry. Thankfully Evernote Food gives its users the possibility of finding restaurants to eat at as well. If you’re looking to downsize your home screen, Evernote Food is a keeper when it comes to food apps; it will probably cover all your needs. For people who have several devices, Evernote Food also allows users to sync content —such as a cookbook of all the recipes compiled— through the iCloud, so that foodies will always be foodies no matter where they are. When you’ve grown to love this food app, you can also check out Evernote’s other collections which maintain a similar sense of multifunction.

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Mallika Acharya

Mallika Acharya is currently a student at Skidmore College (Class of 2018) with interests in a combination of art, design, business and technology. She has experience in these fields from working in museums (like the MoMA) and in the corporate world.

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