The world’s cheapest phone - Freedom 251

Thanks to our indigenously founded company Ringing Bells this product has certainly rung many bells in plenty of ears all over the country. The phone was launched by the company’s CEO Mohit Goel last year with a lot of pomp and show and they sure got the attention they desired for. After all who doesn’t want to own a phone for just 251 bucks?  


world’s cheapest phone



The number of bookings for this phone went up so high that eventually the payment gateway of the site itself crashed and the company had to refund the amount of many potential buyers. Looking into the phone from a technical point of view, the features it promised to give was overwhelming for the price it quoted. Take a look at the features below!




From a 3MP camera to a battery of 1450mAh no phone manufacturer was able to challenge the company for providing the same features for the exact same amount. Most people including critics have been thinking all this to be a scam to dupe buyers of their money and that the phone won’t be able to see the light of the day. So much so, that even a police case had been registered against the company. But the company CEO says that they have already manufactured 2 lakh smart phones and would be shipping from June 30 but it could do it only if the government helped them out in shipping the products. And to no surprise, the critics pounced again on the company holding them responsible for duping people of their money due to which the CEO Mohit Goel eventually had to retract from his statement and has promised to deliver the first 5000 smart phones by the end of July. Whether he is able to keep up to the deadline or not is matter left to the future but if the product hits the market it surely will revolutionise the technology market.


Collaborators: Melwyn Mathew and Madhumitha Sundaramurthi  

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