The wearables’ regime

From desktops to laptops to mobile phones to now wearable, technology has been getting smaller and smaller in size at the same time it is getting closer in terms of space between the gadgets and humans.

The year 2015 has seen an upsurge of wearable technologies since the introduction of Google Glasses. Though Google did decide to stop its production in the month of January this year, the company is still committed to the development of the product. With the importance that these technologies have been getting, many wearables app development companies have been developing creative applications that could serve even the minutest needs that have otherwise been overlooked so far!

Let's have look at some of the coolest fitness wearables available so far:

1. Microsoft Hololens :

Microsoft HololensExperience the joy of 3D – Holograms through Microsoft’s Hololens! These glasses help you see digital projections around you over the real world with the help of holographically printed lenses. The glasses support apps like Holo Studio 3D – a building tool and games like HoloBuilder. With the proper utilization of Hololens, online chatting will get more real and would eliminate all the boundaries of physical distances. These high-definition holograms are rumoured to hit the market with Windows10 sometime in the year 2015.

2. Sneakers


Image: Technology enabled shoes will be one of the greatest inventions for the visually impaired. This technology has a small Bluetooth device inserted in your shoes that would be connected to the Bluetooth device.

A small Bluetooth device, which would be connected to the user’s smartphone, inserted in their shoes can help them track their steps and guide through the maps. Some devices specially made for athletes – like Runsafe enable them to evaluate themselves by measuring incorrect foot position, asymmetric loading, or warnings for exhaustion or overload. In the healthcare sector, wearables apart from these are the other calorie-counting bands which track your activities and monitor your calories to stay fit.

3. Smartwatch


Image: Smart and fashionable watches. The utility of watch has been shifting from checking time to overall fitness control, voice control, notifications displayer, etc. In short, it has become a smaller version of the smart phone device tied around your wrist.

After Apple launched its iWatch, Moto, Samsung, LG and others soon jumped in to the game. Mobile phone on your wrist quickly caught up and became a fashion statement. Displaying time is a small feature of the plethora of functions it has - fitness and health tracking, hotel or car key replacement, passbook integration, voice control etc.

4. Tech Tees

Tech TeesImage: A tech T-shirt to monitor the heart rate and movement

Something similar to tech-sneakers, Ralph Lauren introduced a tech tee-shirt which tracks your heart rate and movement. It is another kind of a fitness tracker.

Another type of tech clothing that has been emerging is a hoodie with earphones that doubles as the elastic strings of the hood. No more entangling wires!

5. Dog wearable

Dog wearable

Image: We all love our best buddies. Take care of them with an all-time activity tracking collar.

A pet wearable developer brand Whistle developed an activity monitor that keeps a tab on the amount of exercise, play and rest your pet gets every day with the help of a three-axis accelerometer. It also allows you to take pictures of your dog, write notes in the food diary and note medications your dog is taking. This application integrates with your mobile and gives you timely feeds.

How long do you think it would take these technologies to become a part of the human body? Or rather how long do you think it would take for us to be just a minute part of the technology? But when that happens, you will know that the virtual world has completely taken over the reality.

Collaborators: Tejashri Gawai & Veena Thangavel

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