The Difference Between UI and UX

These days, a lot of people ask the difference between UI and UX design in web development. To comprehend this from a layman’s point of view, the UI design can be seen as the engine of an automobile without which it is nothing and the UX is the feeling one gets while driving the particular vehicle. The machinery of a car can be excellent but if it is unable to give the customer his desired result then the product on a whole is a failure. To go into a standardized definition, one can say that the user interface design or UI is the part of product facing the user when he looks up the site i.e. it is the face of the particular product that the customer first sees before using it on a personal basis. On the contrary, the UX or User experience as it stands for is defined aptly as the way the user feels when he/she looks at the site on a broad scale.

Difference Between UI and UX


To understand both these terms in depth, let’s look at both of them individually. The User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and the pleasure it gives when the customer is in interaction with the particular product. It is dependent on a lot of elements that govern how it works. These include interaction design, information architecture, user research and other disciplines and is concerned with all the facets concerning the user. The UX design incorporates most of the above to impact positively on the overall experience that the user has with the provider. While the above is the case with user experience design, the user interface design is more technical and complicated in its nature.

User experience design


To put it plainly, it is the area where interactions between humans and machines occur. In this interface, the commands are given by the human control and the machine executes those commands. Few illustrations of this design include hand tools, heavy machinery and other process controls. What the UI design aims for is to produce an interface that is user friendly and easy to comprehend for the user from the start. It also stresses to make the user do minimal work for the desired output by reducing the number of commands. 

Both the user interface and user experience designs are dependent on a lot of common factors which include architecture of the site, the way it is handled, the content it displays, how visually attractive it becomes and so on and so forth. What we can say is, they both go hand in hand in giving the user a hassle free experience and one can’t say which one of them is of more importance.

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