Sensor Laden Remote Control – Now A Smart Remote To Complete The Set

With the advent of wearables, every device is controlled by a mobile device, but a remote control is something that has always existed. Now, combine the smart device with an all purpose remote and your smart home is complete!

Sensor Laden Smart Remote control

Sevenhugs, a revolutionary wearables development company, released the Smart Remote in the CES technology expo held in Las Vegas earlier this month and bagged three awards with one of them being the most innovative product in the Smart Home category.

The Specs:

The USP of this remote is that it adapts to every device and takes control quickly as and when the sensor is pointed in the device’s direction.

Lights, TV, Speakers, Thermostats, Cameras, Blinds, Fans and locks are some of the devices that this remote can control.

This device is compatible to over 25000 devices and the network between the device and remote is set up via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared.

The controls are displayed in the remote based on the corresponding device’s app, stored in the remote device.

You point it. You mould it.

The one selling feature in this device is that the Smart Remote’s high definition touch screen will instantly display an intuitive interface that will show the controlling parameters for that device.

Have a television, speakers and the window in the same direction? The remote displays the list of devices and you can choose from them to control. This display is called the device selection carousel.

Crossing the boundaries of the room, it lets one control devices located in other areas too.

Point in the direction of your speakers in the living room while you are in the dining room or in the direction of your garage while you are inside the house to gain control.

Remote Control


This involves combining indoor positioning system and 9 axis motion sensors set in 3D space for the remote to detect the device.

Some of the snazzy features are:

Support booking cab via Uber

Custom scenes and light grouping

High definition touch screen

Lost and found button

Sevenhugs takes into account, the human nature of absent mindedness and have thoughtfully added the “Lost and found” button in the charging base that will immediately alert you with a beeping from the remote.

The set up comes with three room sensors, a smart remote and a charging base. To make a room a smart zone, set up the room sensors near devices that can be controlled and the adjacent room becomes the extended zone of control.

The initial set up is done via the Sevenhugs Smart remote app for both iOS and Android and the room sensors are placed on different walls in 2m height form the base. The devices are added in the app and the remote set up is ready to use.

Smart home technology is a booming industry, and a smart remote is a saving solution for many day to day hassles. 

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