Power of Video Marketing – How to Create the Most Effective Half A Minute Campaigns

Short videos made their debut on Instagram and Twitter in 2015 and this novel feature has since been used for promotional activities. More than 65% of digital marketing agencies invest in social media video advertisements and 46% of users reply to the survey that these videos influence their purchase decisions on a large level.


Power of Video Marketing


What can a 30 second video actually deliver? When an image can express more than a piece of written information, videos can do much more than that! Compelling videos capture user attention whereby information is effectively delivered.

The convenience is hitting the play button and watching the information unfold with little to no efforts on our part.It is proven that video based marketing techniques have a 90% success rate and equally measured conversion rate.

How does one make these videos?

 Be it any idea or story concept, videos can be made with:

  • Live actors acting out the script
  • Pencil characters coming to life with animated frames
  • Popular animated characters acting out the script


The process is quite simple and the resources to create these videos are ample!


Step 1: Chart out the concept

Step 2: Stepwise direction of filming/framing

Step 3: Edit and animate

Step 4: Audio voice over recording

Step 5: Audio video integration

Step 6: Upload and share



How to make videos?


While videos facilitate one-way communication, how to make them interactive!

Yes, videos are one-way communication; it can be viewed and shared.  


But research shows that interactive marketing approaches is possible with the aid of comment sections and call to action slides embedded in the video.

Social Media is a platform where you can establish such interactive sessions, when users start conversations with videos; the reach becomes wide and soon features in the trending section.

If you have an idea about running an AdWords Campaign in Google, adding a short video to the landing page can improve your lead generation multifold.

While promoting business using short videos, one can express a lot via videos than a text or image post can do.The more engaging your video stories are the more user engagement and views it gets.

Where can videos be uploaded:


Videos on Social Media advertising and landing pages can boost your engagement and conversion.

The major advantage that this marketing medium has is that videos are adaptive to any medium in the internet and this makes the entire process fruitful, giving a detailed look on why we stand for our cause.

Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishanan

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