PC that is truly pocket sized! – Windows 10 Sirius A means serious business

Personal Computers have evolved through many years and have seen many changes in its physical dimensions and features that come with it.

PC that is truly pocket sized


Dutch hardware developers, in their latest venture, have launched Sirius A, a Windows 10 PC in a phone form with specs and ports that a PC would posses.

The release date is set in the month of May, 2017.

Netherlands based makers of Sirius A, Ockel claims their device to be the world’s versatile mobile Personal Computer that integrates the essential features of a PC with easiness of a mobile phone.

The Sassy Specs:

Screen: 6” full HD Touch display

Battery: 3000 mAh battery

Storage: 64 GB inbuilt flash, external micro SD booster slot

Audio: 3.5 mm jack

Add ons –

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer for compass functionality

External add-ons:

  • Two USB 3.0 Ports
  • USB Type C port
  • HDMI port
  • Display Port
  • Ethernet
  • 12V power input for stationary use-cases

Powered by Intel Atom quad core processors with 4GB RAM, the mobile device is made fit for heavy duty workout of a PC as well as keeps the device lean!

The Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor, HD Graphics 405 added to the 4GB RAM is a lethal combination that is powerful enough for avid gamers to go crazy!

This is a dream combination that enhances the gaming experience in a mobile phone, and this has always been an unachievable goal for mobile phone makers till date.

Wireless connectivity is provided by a Wi-Fi chip and Bluetooth that is a common ground for the PC and mobile specifications. However, as every PC would contain, this device doesn’t have an inbuilt cooling fan and instead of that it possesses a heatsink that is built with the aluminum casing.

Windows pocket size


This device is an ideal pocket fit and ensures portability, but raises doubts on its unconventional design and size. Built in a tapering fashion, this device is conical, starting from 20mm on the port side, slimming down to 6 mm in the front.

Where it fails:

As strong as the battery capacity is, under normal usage, there is only 3 hours of battery life, which will force us to attach a power bank constantly to it.

Auto rotate is another factor that the makers omit to mention, given the fact that this device is being worked upon by Microsoft, to make it behave as a mouse or a keyboard when connected to a larger device.

So as a mobile, will the auto rotate work? Ockel has to answer this.

The device is priced at $699 but it faces a major danger of clashing with high end phones like Pixel that is a proper phone with a clear set of specifications.

Microsoft’s unique venture is under scrutiny, being compared with its flagship product Sirius B, which did not possess a touch screen but did moderately well. This is surely a hybrid pocket PC device to watch out for!

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