It is a common practice by instinct to seek help but it is very rare that individuals take initiative to reach out and help others. In an age where competition and being at loggerheads with each other is the general characteristic, mentorship and guided development is something that is akin to finding a rare gem in a dustbin.

The UberExchange deal

Uber, headquartered at San Francisco, spearheaded a novel venture to support and mentor unique start up ventures.

This is in collaboration with Telangana based start up incubator T-Hub, who has signed a MoU under its global mentorship program, to pick out select start-ups across various categories and give them 6 intensive mentorship sessions.

The training culminates in the grand finale where 10 shortlisted ventures are flown to San Francisco in January 2017 to meet the global leadership panel of Uber as well as interact with potential investors.

T-Hub will do the initial call for and selection process of the startups who apply for the program. Uber Asia’s head, Eric Alexander and his team will conduct six intensive sessions in the social impact category and provide insights in areas such as marketing, operations, technology, finance, and policy.

Eric says with a sense of gratitude that Uber, having established their service among Indian consumers with incredible support from the Indian government, they would like to give something back to the country and hence are extending the opportunity of mentorship.

India’s start up ecosystem is buzzing with activity, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching the flagship Startup India initiative and many internationally acclaimed companies looking to make a mark in our market as well as to set up business here.


startup India

This is a very healthy growth that is seen with startups. Launching one’s own business and launching one’s idea for the public to take in and give their feedback is every entrepreneur’s dream. Being guided by the consumer market’s successful companies is the icing on the cake.

Startups in India are innumerable and each of them are either successful or etching their own success stories. In a land that believes in creating their own occupation that is centered on giving something back to the society, Startup India initiative is like a catalyst that steers these ideas in the right direction to bring in constructive results that benefit the creator and the receiver.

The UberEXCHANGE global mentorship program is established with the sole aim of establishing societal values and instilling the importance of following ethics in business and production and not just focus on profit and expansion. This philanthropic feeling, according to many CEOs of startups and MNCs alike, is the anchor that pulls the establishment towards the invisible but all pervading fact that giving back is an important act of gratitude.

Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishnan  

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