JIO Interconnect Issue – A one sided feud

Reliance Jio, for the uninitiated few, is a telecommunication network set up brought out by the Reliance group with an overwhelming tariff and almost chimerical deals for the Indian Smartphone generation.


JIO Interconnect Issue


The tariff release event itself was much celebrated, that left the entire country upping their expectations to level: sky high. Following such a phenomenal release, crowds of hopeful customers were milling around the Reliance digital showrooms to buy their share of dream in a SIM.

As a result of such a bombastic claim pitched by Jio, naturally it ruffled some feathers of its competitors’ hats. Airtel, amongst many, claim that they had already started releasing attractive packages, prior to the Jio event and hence say that they are not surprised by the shockingly economical tariff.

The public have witnessed massive slashed rates for 4G in Airtel as a desperate measure to keep up with the Ambanis. It was interesting to see many shortcomings being hidden, petty fights being fought and acts of villainy being executed. All of this for what? Just weeks after its release, Reliance locked horns with Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea cellular in a nasty battle of interconnection issues.

Jio Tarrifs

In an alleged attempt to trump the increasing business of Jio, the incumbent service providers have gone out of their way to refuse mobile number portability requests and have refused interconnect points with Jio. This has resulted in almost 10 crore calls failing on its network.

Apart from this, mobile number portability requests to change to Jio have been grossly denied by Airtel, Vodafone and Idea in the pretext of “violating contractual obligations”. Such acts strip down the cream coating and show what their basic motive is.

 This started an avalanche effect of disgruntled customers wagging fingers at Jio, who in turn have been harried into setting up assurance meetings with its competitors. Nearly 4,000-5,000 E1s (digital transmission links) are needed from the incumbent operators to set up a hassle free two way connection for multiple service provider call establishment.

 When these incumbents play truant, it is a clear show of trade jealousy and vengeful behavior. The result of such a base act will give them their desired result of vanquishing their competitor but the incumbents should also understand that the grime of crime is on them too.

While there are weak claims from Bharti Airtel’s chairman, Sunil Mittal, assuring release of required PoIs to Jio, it is an explicit act of denying entry of new competitors in the telecom market.

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