Is Microsoft Edge more power efficient than Chrome and other browsers?

When Microsoft edge or Project Spartan as it was called during its commencement was launched worldwide on July 29, 2015 it gave rise to a lot of speculations regarding its credibility and performance when compared to the already well entrenched browsers like chrome, safari and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge more power efficient than chrome and other browsers


Windows had assured this browser to be nothing like its previous counterpart and all time favourite for online memes Internet Explorer and it managed to keep up to its made promise. It has inculcated brand new features like the search assistant Cortana (which is Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Siri) to help in browsing and also managed to introduce a new concept of doodling directly on the web page. These intricate features has helped Edge browser to garner only positive reviews from all critics and to some extent it has affected the popularity of other browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Now recently, Windows has made a claim that the Microsoft Edge browser is much more power efficient than its rivals. To give leverage to its claims it has conducted performance tests for all the browsers in three independent ways. First, through power comparison in a controlled lab environment followed by real world power consumption statistics from various Windows 10 devices and finally through time lapse videos of each browser performing the same tasks. In all the aforementioned steps, according to Microsoft, Edge consumed much lesser power than Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Windows has tried to explain this claim through the use of various bars and pie charts one of which is shown here:

power consumption     

One may quite easily deduce from above that Microsoft Edge has comparatively less power consumption than other browsers which can be considered good news for a lot of Netizens out there. After all, who wants a browser which doesn’t support the current battery backup of the device? Each percent of battery is crucial and if Edge is able to save those numbers then why shouldn’t one choose it?




But the tale doesn’t end here. If these two browsers are compared on other features that each one of them offer, we’ll see that chrome is ahead than edge in most. For instance, the default search engine in Edge is Bing which can’t be changed at any instant in the browser. This is said to be one of the major factors preventing people from still using Edge as Chrome offers a much better search engine in the form of Google. Another issue with Edge is that it doesn’t support maximum extensions/ plug-in compared to Chrome which can pose major problem for users.

To sum up, one can say Edge is not a highly sophisticated browser like its rivals but for web browsing in places where battery backup is more crucial than performance, it can still be considered as the best option at hand.

Collaborators: Melwyn Mathew and Madhumitha Sundaramurthi

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