In the midst of large corporate giants, I chose a startup

We have all had our career choices, haven't we? Even before finishing our high school being a part of corporate giants like Apple, Mahindra, Tata, J.P. Morgan, Google, etc., have always been the goal. But, do we really see ourselves as what we imagined to be. Are we exactly playing the part we played in our dreams? Are we one in a million or one in a hundred? Getting into a startup has been a trend these days. It's surprising how large number of graduates are specifically aiming to get into startups. We wondered why and spoke to few passionate youngsters to find out the story behind it! Few reasons why startups are any day awesome to work with when compared to the fancy corporate giants -

1. You get noticed

Unlike the corporate giants, your voice is louder here than anywhere else. Having small groups of people makes it better to get credited and acknowledged for the things you have done. It just reaches the top management faster than the speed of light!

2. Become a pro!

It takes some time before you really get started in an MNC. You get months of training, and you might have to go through a series of steps before you land up in a role you joined in for. By the time that you reach there, there are chances that you feel quite demotivated and lose track of your path, etc. But, a startup gives you real responsibilities. You know what to do and you have to know how to get it done. There is enough scope for new things to be learned and for self-development. When you are in a startup, you are on a roller coaster that only goes up!

3. Lesser number of bosses to report to!

Startups are relatively cool and easy to understand in terms of hierarchy! They have flatter structure and you really have lesser number of bosses to report to! Not to forget, lesser number of egos to be handled. Who knows, you could be a boss too!

4. Quick response

Have you called for an idea? You get an answer in no time. Did you put your idea across? You get to know if it was cool or not. Your idea gets pushed in no time at all if potential is seen. doodleblue follows the concept of start-up within a start-up. Every small change you make accounts for a big impact. So you almost always know if you are on the right track or not!

5. I always scored a 'C' or a 'D' - no one cares

Getting into a corporate has hundreds of conditions you might need to qualify. Your grades, your qualification, the university you passed out from, sometimes even your family background - all these apart from your talent largely contributes to the fact if you are going to be a part of a corporate or not. A startup really doesn't care about your history. All that they want to know is whether you are capable enough to handle your responsibilities or not. You have talent, you prove yourself different, and you are in! It is that simple!

6. Cool office

Startups usually have a welcoming aura. You always feel at home in a startup. You can have your own design on a coffee mug, you can sit in a couch while you work. You need not always have complex work related diagrams in your scribbling board. Who knows you might even have a PSP3 in your office! Work while you play is taken seriously here! :P

7. Flexibility

Are you not a morning person? You don't want to sit for long in just one place? Cool! Choose your time and choose your work! All that startups want is to get the work done! It is more of your rules to have to live by. You get that independence and a chance to write your own system.

8. You got nothing to lose!

As a fresher, all that you do is learn. All you do is an experiment. You can basically figure out what you want to do and how you want to do it. You tend to learn so much and gain as much experience as you gain in 4 years from any corporate in just one year. And ultimately, what do you have to lose anyways?!

9. It isn't really a corporate

Haven't we heard of scary stories about corporate politics and stuff? Larger corporations are bound to have larger group. Larger groups are bound to have huge amount of conflicts. Startups have no such fuss. There is very little space or time or even people to actually play politics with. It is in fact now easier for you to put all your efforts in building your career and not resolving the conflict.

10. Creativity

Ideas, accepted! This is what startups really say and they mostly mean it when they say it. In case you have a knack for thinking out of the box and you have a whole lot of ideas poping out of your head, a startup is the place for you. You really don't have to think twice about being judged for your idea or being pushed behind for your next appraisal because of your ideas. The more creative, the more you are accepted. After all, what startups want is to revolutionize, to bring in creativity and innovation. Isn't it nice to be a big fish in a small pond rather than to get lost in an ocean? Sounds interesting? Want to join a startup that offers you all the above? Click here.  

Collaborators: Veena Thangavel

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Tripti Chordia, is the CMO at doodleblue, a mobile app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients. She completed her masters from Leeds in Advertising & Marketing and has worked at a few media houses prior  to doodleblue. Tripti is responsible for online strategy and creative digital marketing  campaigns for doodleblue. You can find her on Google+ and LinkedIn.

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