Huawei Fit – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


Huawei has been having its silent victory dashes with every Honor series release. Few weeks after Honor S1 was launched, Huawei released its own version of a fitness tracker based wearable watch, which incidentally is the entire Honor S1 set up boxed inside a watch’s dial setup!


huawai fit - the good, the bad and the ugly


Huawei Fit, priced at $129, packs a punch with novel features like weeklong battery and water resistant build. Here is a comprehensive list of the love and hate features:

Looks and feel:

Sticking to a traditional round dial design, this wearable is true to its purpose and it satisfies the watch purist in us.

With a thickness of 11.2mm casing, it is thinner than the fellow smart watches and is armed with 200ppi memory LCD screen.

Following the minimalistic path, there are no unnecessarily bulky buttons or dials in the side, save for one tiny reset button placed in the underside of the dial.

This raises confusion on how to turn on the device. Turns out that the device is on when the battery is full. For people tuned to the power button, this feature can take time to catch up.

The display brightness is set for outdoors but visibility is foggy when indoors.

It is seen with a beautiful matte finish and comes in three colors: black, orange and deep blue.

A lightweight device, weighing only 35gm and is so convenient to strap on, much better than Fitbit.

One tends to forget that it is on and steps into the shower? No problem, because it is water resistant to IP68/5 ATM which is a heavy duty dust and moisture resistant count!


Fitness is the major reason why it has been built.

The entire package contains – heart monitor, pulse check, calorie count, accelerometer and a gyrometer too. What really sets this device apart is the “build your own workout regime” option which lets us chart out our activities every day.

Every activity including walking, jogging, trekking, treadmill running and swimming are recorded and updated in the track record.

The novel feature in this device is that it notifies when our exercise goes overboard!

Purpose of Huawei fit

The Good, the bad and the ugly:

Constant Heart Rate Monitor has some alerts in store: inactive for over half an hour? A stick figure performing stretches pops up and prompts action. But it takes 12 long seconds to display the heart rate that is a big downer!

The highlight of the device is the customized fitness regime that can be set.

Being compatible with both Android and iOS, the app works with versions of Android 4.4+ and iOS8 and above. The app when synced with the device, gives the entire stats on your health as a daily, weekly and a monthly report.

Fit goes one step forward and generates inference reports based on food habits, calories burnt, weight gained as well as the heart rate.

Apart from this, like all smart watches, this watch provides push notifications to alert incoming calls and messages although the list of apps for which it send notifications is small.

The major letdowns are the smallness of the screen size, lack of GPS and the fact that there is no virtual friendship with fellow Fit users, no rewards or points. It is purely one’s own experience and motivation.

Albeit this, Fit is responsive, has a constant heart rate monitor, is endowed with a non fussy design and is the perfect watch for adventurous people who are always game for some walk, jog and run routine.


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