How can a 30 Second Video Boost Your Online Sales?

2016 being the year of digital marketing, more than 65% of US marketing agencies have already planned to invest in social media video advertisements. So when and why has this trend caught up on marketers? Read below to find out!

30 second video boost your online sales

Researchers have found that 46% of users take some sort of actions after watching videos on social media. Videos have become an essential part of the digital life, but what can a 30 second video actually deliver? When an image can express more than a piece of written information, videos can do much more than that! Videos capture user’s attention as information is visually transferred to end-users. Here, users don’t have to sit and read the information, they just need to hit the play button and start watching.  

Tackling the attention span of users

With short AutoPlay videos being a trend with marketing, most digital agencies have started incorporating this strategy in campaigns, and it has proven to be quite effective. Android’s “Friends Furever”  is a 1 minute video of a series of clips of animals being friendly around each other, and the video has been shared more than 6.4 million times. Hence these videos have more success rate than a lengthy video. The trick with creating a viral video is to get to the point as soon as possible before the user loses attention.

After the arrival of technology, an average user’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Hence, the shorter, the better!  

video marketing

If you are planning on running an AdWords Campaign ,adding a short autoplaying video to the landing page can improve your lead generation. If you’re promoting your business using short videos, you can say more stories than a text or image. Another tip would be to create a sense of urgency in the short video that you are promoting.  Always analyze your target customers and focus your video on catering to the larger crowd for maximum reach. Don’t be afraid to push limits with the videos you are creating.

Where can one use these short autoplaying videos?

While videos are one-way communication, how can we make them interactive? Social media is a platform where you can bring such interactive session, when users start having conversion with these videos, more users start engaging.

So videos can be more interactive than you expect. As we mentioned earlier, using short autoplaying videos on social media advertising and landing pages can boost your engagement and conversion. But autoplaying videos can be used everywhere in the internet simply because it is easy to consume. 30 seconds of video does not waste a user’s time, so don’t stop with using them in just landing pages, but make sure to add them in all the pages of your website, homepage, products & services page and in every possible place you can think of.


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