Going Single: Facebook Messenger, now just Messenger

Just count the number of applications you use for messaging! Aren't there over a million of them? Messaging applications have become just another thing to survive on, haven't they? Studies show that over 28% of our time has been spent on social networking. Not only has it become addictive but it has also now become the need of the hour. Facebook is now planning to make messenger a total stand-alone app. Which means that one would not even require a Facebook account to login to the messenger app. With the increasing need for free messaging, the number of apps that provide this facility has also been growing. Facebook has dug in its roots deep inside the concept of social networking. However, the company is prepared for its growth curve too. While in case of other apps, we would feature the growth and decline in years, Facebook could have its numbers in decades. Check out few features this messenger app has bought in to make it a part of "Platforms of tomorrow":

1. Know when messages are delivered!

Though similar to that of WhatsApp's feature where you can see when the message is delivered and when it is read, Messenger has bought in a some creativity in the way it is done! Once a message is written and sent, there are a few steps that show the process until the message is read. Say for example, a blue circle means your message is sending, a blue circle with a check shows that your message has been sent, a filled-in blue circle with a check means your message has been delivered, a small image of your friend or contact's photo will pop up below the message when they've read it. Also, Messenger let's you collect all the contact from the Facebook or add new ones.

Facebook messenger chat box

Image: This is how messages get delivered on Messenger 

2. Call anywhere in the world, free of cost

Did they say the world is getting smaller? Messenger calls truly make them so! With HD calls, the voice and image of the caller is now more audible and clear. Nevertheless, data charges are still applicable if you are not connected to the WiFi. It is much better than the network charges that are applicable, when you are making an international call anywhere.

Video calling using Facebook messenger

Image: HD Video calling on Android and iPhone  

3. Mom! I need money. Pay me through messenger!

Did you hear that? Payments through messenger? You friend says she is far some place and has no money? Send money through Messenger! All you need to do is add debit card to messenger. That's amazing, ain't it?

Fund transfer using Facebook Messenger

Image: Fund Transfer through Messenger, Secure Payment Gateway

4. Now send photos and videos in a blink!

You can now not just capture images and videos on the go, but also edit, draw and personalize it the way you want it. Special moments can now be shared as they happen.

Image sharing using Facebook Messenger

Image: Image sharing on Messenger

5. Show your friend where you are!

There is now a better way of asking someone to meet at a place! You don't have to go through the tedious process of mentioning every landmark and corner to reach where you are. All that you need to do is send them a location. All done in just few taps!

Location sharing using Facebook messenger

Image: Location sharing through Messenger 

6. Typing messages is boring? Shout it!

Typing word by word about everything can be tiresome. There are amazing applications that you can try out that make keyboards a cool thing to use too. However, you can now literally shout out messages to people, wish them on their birthdays or even sing them songs when they are offline.

Share voice messages using Facebook Messenger

Image: Messenger uses VoIP feature to send voice messages  

7. I am heart-ing it!

Like to say it better through smileys and stickers? There is a whole lot of it here! Now converse through stickers and make chatting more interesting! The meme trend has made it easier to explain emotions - stickers are doing them too!

Facebook emoticons

Image: Messenger's Emoticons

But, is Messenger really delivering anything different from what we have been using so far? Don't you think Messenger is now trying to put in everything that has been best in the messaging world? Hasn't WhatsApp already given us a feature to check if the messages have been delivered? The images and video editing and posting are the best features in Snapchat and have already captured the market in that space! Plus, Snapchat doesn't create a database to maintain a history of what was sent to whom. The sticker concept, though originally introduced by Facebook was taken up by messaging applications like hike, WhatsApp, etc. However, with the variety of sticker options that Facebook gives, it is hard to beat it. Calling is one feature that will survive as long as it remains free. There are now a large number of applications that provide voice calling. Hence, the moment that this app monetizes this feature, it's going to miss its audience. Fund transfer through messenger is however a new concept! But do you think this feature alone is going to aid to Messenger's survival? Even if it does, how long is it going to last for?  

Collaborator: Veena Thangavel

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