First Person Perspective Of a Snap Story– Snap Specs Grab Eyeballs

Snapchat, on Tuesday, revealed its covert product out in the open, their Snap Spectacles. The company now named as Snap Inc., used the “scarce” technique for two reasons:

  • Outrun Google glasses in terms of performance
  • Be the first entertainment company to make their debut into the wearables field

Snap Story– Snap Specs Grab Eyeballs


The first announcement was made in September and the motive was however to capture an entirely different crowd: the fashionistas and not the tech crowd as the prediction would be.

The device is a sunglasses plus camera device that takes snap stories a.k.a short videos that, when connected to your mobile via Bluetooth gets uploaded automatically.

Wireless connectivity supports transfer and upload of these stories to your device in a seamless manner that can be edited further and posted.

The idea is to broadcast every moment of your life as a story and double as a fun accessory that you can wear and flaunt on social occasions.

This is also a very discreet and a hands free way to record and broadcast, especially in parties and concerts where one would normally take out their phones.


The sunglass contains a sensor and a camera, one on either side of the lens and frame joint.

The button on top of the camera lets you record 30 second snippets of the video and the LED sensor lights up to let others know when the snap is being recorded.

The spectacles charge inside their case and there are four full charges that are stored inside the battery.


Usually a snap story would be taken from our mobile cameras with us holding it in perfect angles to capture those special moments.

However, after testing the first person perspective of recording the moment as you view it, users feel that the experience cannot get any more surreal!


The view


Giving a narrative feel to the story is the crux of the device as well as its stories!

The joy is double, as you get to view the moment as well as record them, so you can share the experience without diluting it. No hand held device and lens in between.


The sales were conducted in a very discreet manner and the first point of sales was Venice Beach in Oakland, the headquarters of Snap Inc., where a bright yellow minion themed pop up vending machine called Snapbot, caught the eye of many!

Intrigue and curiosity drove many people to check out this kiosk, which turned out to be many kilometers long queue that garnered press attention as well as a viral story in the social media platforms!

Available for $130 a pair, the kiosk ran out of stock and the campaign was marked as a successful marketing stunt to gauge the demand instantly by restricting the supply.

Also the interesting fact is that Snapchat releases the point of sales location online as a surprise! This amplifies the suspense element several notches up!

Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishnan

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