Don’t you dare annoy Siri!

One weird question can make Siri angry! So much so that it can tell you, you are silly and you have no friends!

Now, let’s critically analyze this, how long has it been since you last wished your mom on her birthday without your smart-phone reminding you about it? How frequently do you now visit a library to check out a fact? How quick can you calculate 1024*8567 with out using a calculator? Very rare or never? So smart-phones are indeed getting smarter than us!

Its funny though that lot of movies have been portraying the world being taken over by machines and it looks like that is what is really happening or will happen in near future. One such recently talked about intelligent device features is Siri. Siri is a part of Apple Inc’s iOS which works as a intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. This feature uses a natural language user interface. It adapts to the user’s individual language usage and their search preferences with time and hence delivers results that are highly personalized. This is how Siri gives a quirky answer to all your doubts, gives great suggestions, and also carries out tasks by assigning requests to a set of web services such as Wolfram Alpha.

Don’t you dare annoy Siri!

                             Fig.: iPhone’s intelligent personal assistance, Siri

In case you haven’t noticed, the social media has lately been buzzing with posts about Siri’s reply to Aaron Paul’s question, “What’s zero divided by zero?” In the early afternoon on 30th June 2015, the Breaking Bad star asked his fans to ask Siri the same question.

Aaron Paul Twitter

Siri’s reply to this question has really amazed us all. It says,

"Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.

Well, that is rude! Looks like we got Siri annoyed. But wait, what? Is my phone responding to my question like that? That’s amazing! While people have been complaining about the gadgets making us all lonely in our own small world, this is something different. It’s engaging! Now we have machines talking to us, listening to our problems, and also answering every single stupidity.

So, where are we heading to? With Siri’s response like that it almost feels like we have a friend, a companion whom we can talk to, share our thoughts with and get answered every time. Does that mean that the smart phones are replacing the human factor in our lives? Is the world of virtual reality taking over the real world?

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