Can you really use mobile apps without having to install them?

Can you really use mobile apps without having to install them?

Google shows off its brand new feature on android, Instant apps! doodleblue predicts this to be the biggest game changers in the mobile technology front.This could also be a new inception to people's experience on android apps.


Instant apps


What is it?

Instant apps have been developed from a very rudimentary question on how to help users seamlessly have access to a wider range of apps. The outcome?  Google has come up Instant apps which does not require any form of installation whatsoever! A single click and a few seconds is all it might take for an user to access any app on their mobile device. This is as instantaneous as it could get for users to access mobile apps. This could also probably be a win- win situation for developers to reach a bigger audience as everything from Android APIs, source code and projects remain the same, making it an easy job for them as it barely involves any app development.


How does it work?

Introduced at the Google I/O conference, instant apps enables mobile device users to use the features of an app without having to actually install it. The software app to show up on your phone almost instantly without a lengthy download.  Android Instant Apps can work on Android devices running Android 4.1+ (API Level 16) or higher with Google Play services.

So think about the future! You no longer have to put yourself  through the pain striking process of visiting  your app stores and waiting for ages for your apps to download.  Just by clicking on the link you have your app right there. But does this mean that Google may slowly fog the lines between mobile sites and apps?

Right now, Google has been working with a few developers like  BuzzFeed, B&H Photo, Medium, , Zumper to refine user experience. Google expects to roll out Android Instant Apps by the end of the year.


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