Black Friday Sales - Creates History with $1.2 Billion from Mobile devices!

A perfect thanksgiving is all about confessions, gifts and happiness. But what follows that is even more amazing – The Black Friday sales. Black Friday sales is the official kick start for the Christmas shopping in the US. With higher rates of discounts and offers, many choose to shop during this time. Christmas is round the corner. 


Black friday sales - Mobile devices


Black Friday sale is usually the sale after the Thanksgiving Day and the sale doesn’t stop here. It is followed by Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving Day) promoting and persuading people to purchase things online. This year the sale was estimated to reach $3.05 Billion by the day’s close when compared to last year, where the total sale summed up only to $1.8 Billion. It is also reported that the estimates have been up by 11.4% from the same day last year.

2016 being a technology friendly year, it is also said that the mobile devices have a significant impact on the records of e-commerce sales. Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Ebay noted that their mobile traffic and sales were relatively higher compared to the previous year. Remotely all the retailers out there in the market confirmed that 60% - 70% of their sales were through mobile devices resulting in the technological advancements. As reported by Adobe, 56% of the retail sites were visited from mobile devices, which significantly accounted in an online sale of $680 Million by 3PM ET on Friday.

Black friday sales - creates history


According Adobe, this year’s top selling electronics were Apple iPads, Samsung 4K TVS, The Apple MacBook Air, LG TVS and Microsoft Xbox. The sale on Thanksgiving Day alone summed up to $1.98 Billion, which is significantly higher from that of last 2 years. The top selling toys were Lego Creator Sets, Electric Scooters from Razor, Nerf Guns, DJI Phantom Drones and Barbie Dreamhouse.

By the end of the day, Adobe released the reports that the Black Friday sales surpassed the estimates with $3.34 Billion which shows a significant growth of 21.6% year-over-year. The mobile sales accounted for $1.2 Billion resulting in a increase of 33% from that of last year, marking a significant growth in the world of information and technology. Though there were speculations of online sale having a negative impact after the elections in the US, people chose to come back on track, break the record and create history that the US have not seen.

With Cyber Monday round the corner, Amazon offers a wide range of discounts to its customers. It was reported that 54 Million items were ordered online last year and they expect even more this year. Adobe expects that Cyber Monday will surpass Black Friday by creating a sales history of $3.36 Billion. The customers with a spree in the US market, let’s hope in creating history with the hiked up sales.

Collaborator: Roshan Dhanasekar

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