Best video streaming apps for 2015

Mobile phones are becoming pervasive these days. You name it and there is an app for that! With the increase in viewing options like computers, tablet, phone, consoles etc; it is estimated that till 2017, almost 60% of all the online video content will be viewed from handheld devices. This will make it easy for people to watch what they want and for broadcasters to broadcast from wherever they want. So let's view some of the diligent video streaming apps which can bring events live by your single tap!

1. Meerkat

OS: Android / iOS (Free) It is the simplest and the most influential way to share videos with your twitter followers. Pushed notifications will be sent to all the people with whom you want to share a particular video, and then you can comment and interact simultaneously while watching your live stream. Sounds cool! The video can only be watched live, as there is no option to rerun it without an internet connection. Push stream and enjoy your shared experience from anywhere with Meerkat! With Meerkat you can have a live conversation taking place on your twitter account.


Best video streaming apps - Meerkat

2. Periscope

OS: Android / iOS (Free) This app lets you broadcast live video to the world. In March, Twitter cut off Meerkat's access to its social graph, and announced the tie-up with the competing app Periscope. Periscope has some unique features like REPLAY and HEARTS. Using REPLAY- Even when the broadcast is over, you have the option to make it available for replay so that the users can watch it later by their convenience. Currently Replay last for 24 hours only. But this feature gives periscope an edge over Meerkat. HEARTS- To improve the user experience, Periscope lets the followers send hearts in real time. If the viewers like the live stream, they send in hearts which flutter on the screen to show that your video is being LOVED! Periscope also helps you share videos with private people. Get swiped by the newest video steaming app of 2015! Connect with your friends and show your love through �HEARTS� feature of Periscope. Best video streaming apps - Periscope

3. Broadcast Me

OS: Android / iOS (Free) Broadcast Me lets you broadcast live video through Android or iOS device. It operates through a server which supports RTMP publishing of H.264 video /AAC audio stream. For Broadcast Me to function, you need to enter a valid RTMP link and check for the media server. Best video streaming apps - Broadcast-Me  

4.Hang W/

OS: Android / iOS (Free) This app allows you to broadcast and share live interactive video to friends, admirers, followers, and everyone else with whom you want to connect. You can become a celebrity by growing your fan-base with Hang W/. It lets you do 15 minutes broadcasts which can be live-streamed directly to your Facebook account. So get private access to control and see who can tune-in and chat with you. This app wont let you feel alone and will engage you with adventurous broadcasts! With Hang w/, you can browse, discover and enjoy the latest broadcasts from your followers! Best video streaming apps - Hang-W


OS: Android / iOS (Free) Stringwire lets you share live videos from the scene of breaking news and helps you to instantly notify your friends and followers. With this app you can get multiple perspectives of the same event by following other �Stringwires�. Also Stringwire ensures that the visited video is stored online for further viewing. Shape the history with Stringwire Stringwire can stream live videos from Drone and GoPro devices using the external camera's Wi-Fi network to receive video and the iOS device's cellular network to stream to the internet. Best video streaming apps - Stringwire With the big surge in live video streaming, these apps are coming too handy for people who love tracking recent events. Be it watching the grand WIMBLEDON finals live or discovering some breaking news, you would be ready to broadcast live from your phone in one go!!! If you have ideas of some more apps like these, get in touch with doodleblue.  

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