Athena – A Smart Wearable for Women's Safety

In this era of innovations and booming technological advancements, wearable technologies have paved way for good – be it for the purpose of entertainment or for social status. But, the human brain is so magnificent that it could come up with new innovations every day. Innovations with a sprinkle of social message and for the social well-being of people in the society.


Athena -  smart wearable for women's safety


Athena is one such innovation that needs recognition by the people in the society. Athena by ROAR aims in protecting women from any sort of assaults or violence.

What is Athena?

Athena is a wearable technology innovated by the company ROAR. It aims in protecting women in their late hours against assaults and violence. This wearable technology and the company behind it aims in providing social good to the society. ROAR intents in providing a safer environment to women all around the world with its innovation allowing them to lead a bold and fearless life.

How does it work?

Athena is a wearable device that is designed mainly for women. This is a wearable jewellery that can be worn as a pendant or can be clipped on to their dress or bag for that matter. Athena is a smart wearable device designed with an ability to produce an alarmof 85db - same decibel level that of a freight train on a long press on its button for about 3 seconds. This loud noise helps in averting the danger that is about to occur to the person in all means. Not only it averts danger at that particular moment, it also sends notifications to family members and friends about their condition with their current location. The device must be paired with their smartphone via Bluetooth, which enables to share the GPS at the time of emergency.

Physical features

Athena by roar is,

  • Light weighing with a sleek body
  • Available in 3 different colours – Antique Silver, Rose Gold, Timeless Black
  • Water resistant
  • Smaller in size which results in a compatible usage
  • Designed with LEDs to notify when the device is in use
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity to enable GPS tracking
  • Handy

Athena comes with a micro-USB connector which helps in charging the device. But, once paired with the smartphone, it is good to go for 2 weeks without charging. The application in the smartphone enables the user to know the status of the device and indicate in case if it is running low on battery.


Athena belt


Social Message

The innovators aim in providing a safer platform for women around the globe. They mainly intent to provide a positive and safer environment for women due to the increase in violence and assaults against them. ROAR will donate a portion of amount from each sale of Athena towards the education on how to reduce violence.

When most people concentrate on wearable technologies with an element to entertain them, let’s also put in some efforts to focus on a wearable device that can keep people, especially women safe from the danger. Let’s create a safer lifestyle and environment for women around the world to lead a bold and fearless life.


Collaborator: Roshan Dhanasekar

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