Artificial Intelligence’s Primacy and Supremacy


AI has come a long way from considering it as a myth to real time applications. AI is still at its infancy and scientists believe that one of the main reasons for such events would be misalignment of goal between human and the machine. Let us consider this example, consider you are instructing your self-driving car to reach the destination within 10 minutes. The machine will interpret your instruction as such and it won’t bother about the blood sheds or accidents it causes to achieve the target given. But that is not how you expected it to happen. The interpretation of instructions by the machine is without any filters, thus leading to accidents and mayhem.


AI is broadly distinguished as Narrow AI and Strong AI. Narrow AI is the present scenario where AI is used in technologies such as self-driving cars and chat bots whereas the strong AI is when it attains a development such that it will be able to take decisions on its own and advanced problem-solving skills. But the recent developments in AI is astonishing and its applications are expected to cover all fields such as medicine, warfare, technology, education, environmental protection and development etc.


Facebook has developed this new AI based software that will identify and provide help for those who are depressed or having suicidal thoughts. Due to increased events of live streaming of such events, Facebook has launched an AI algorithm that scans people’s posts and look for any indication of depression or signal that indicate self-harm and it alerts the “empathy team” for immediate help. It has been quite successful and steps are taken to improvise this effect.


Recent studies have shown that the intensity of refugee immigration is increasing at alarming rates and this particular AI based algorithm will help the refugees to relocate and will help them in finding employment opportunities, education, sanitation and other basic facilities etc.


The algorithm that is used for preparing astronauts for space is now being employed to solve crimes. European law enforcement agents believe the technology has the potential to help them more efficiently sift through data, recreate crime scenes, and identify leads.

AI is believed to have a strong influence on medicine. When it is advanced, AI is said to identify and stop the contamination and spreading of various disease. It is also believed to stop wars and help to create a much better society and environment. Yes, it has its own advantages and is expected to have great influence but the bedlam that can be caused by AI is uncertain.

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