Are you a Pokemon- Go Addict? Here is why you shouldn't be playing it!

Pokémon-Go...The latest sensation game by the Niantic Company with characters from our favourite childhood show has taken the world by storm. By now most people owning smart phones would have played or at least heard of this newly launched game. Pokémon Go has developed a gigantic player base, due to it’s real gaming platform and the wide variety of Pokémon characters.

According to the Pokémon Company, it basically allows the player to travel between the real and the virtual world of the Pokémon characters by making them search far and wide in places to discover and catch these Pokémons. The game has used real locations as inspiration for the fantasy settings in which the game takes place. With the different kinds of locations it has provided ranging from historical buildings to public art installations and monuments it comes as no wonder that this game has become such a hit in a short duration of time.


Are you a Pokemon- Go Addict?


 This game has become such a big addiction that there are players worldwide who are spending more than half a day on this game without a break and has at the same time attracted wide controversy due to reports of accidents and being a public nuisance at some locations. There also have been numerous reports about people been injured or even killed while been engrossed in the game.

Recently, a Pokémon go addict risked his life to catch the animated creatures after being stabbed and even refused treatment so he could continue playing the game! The teenage boy stumbled across someone he thought was another player, but when asked if he wanted to battle the stranger, he got stabbed on his shoulder. So much so, the boy didn’t allow the people around to get him medical aid and continued playing on his phone without paying heed. Another report that came from NBC 7 in San Diego says that a pair of men were injured while playing Pokémon GO when they fell off a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Apparently the men broke through a fence to catch a Pokémon, despite posted signs warning people that the bluffs they were climbing onto were unstable. Apart from this, there are several other cases where people have been injured severely or in some cases proved even fatal and it’s disturbing to know that such incidents are happening with such frequency. And the fact is, most of the players don’t know what all potential harms can be caused by this game and are not able to put a stop to this widespread addiction.

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Just the other day, a group of hackers from the USA by the name PoodleCorp claimed to have hacked the servers of Pokémon go and made the game go off for several hours. They even threatened to do something more serious in the coming days. The players all across the country of USA went into a frenzy just minutes after this incident. Most of the gamers according to reports couldn’t even recollect what they had been doing for the past week apart from playing Pokémon Go on their smart phones and their state of mind reflected that of a drug addict.

People should realise the fact that spending long hours staring at phone screens for such long durations will only give them problems in the near future. Apart from this, if game addicts go to unconventional and dangerous places to find all these creatures they are only bringing doom on themselves because the precious time they spend on catching these animated creatures can be utilised in doing real stuff that demands immediate attention and are actually going to help in the long run. People especially youngesters should comprehend that computer and phone games are made only to relax and entertain them. They shouldn’t become a necessity and must be kept in the place they deserve. After all who wants every corner of the world to become hunting places for animated Japanese characters??

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