Andromium Superbook: Laptop on your Phone

Do you wish to turn your smartphone into a laptop for $99? If yes, then the Superbook developed by Andromium is a must buy for you. The US based start up Andromium has developed this laptop accessory named “Superbook that allows any android smartphone to be converted into a fully functional laptop.

Andromium Superbook

To make this happen they have employed the use of a laptop shell which has a screen, keyboard, multi touch track pad and even charging capabilities for devices. The Superbook features an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel TN display with android navigation keys and has a battery backup of approximately eight hours which is a very decent number to start off with. Apart from this, the company provides a custom USB-OTG cord for connecting and syncing the smartphone to the laptop shell.

The Andromium Operating System includes a file manager, a desktop style web browser, and support for running apps in multi window mode. Most of the apps available on the Google play store can be used on the device which makes it quite useful in today’s scenario. The whole OS is controlled with the help of another android app developed by Andromium.  The technical requirements for the smart phone include having Android 5.0 or later.The best feature of this superbook is that the phone and laptop are kept in sync at all times regardless of the place where they are kept thus allowing all the data to be kept in sync at all times in both places.


The usefulness of this product can be witnessed from the huge demands the company is getting. It’s hardly been a couple of days since its launch and the company has already pushed its expected target. Andromium has promised to start the delivering the shells from the month of January 2017 and is currently dependent on crowd funding for managing the finances but will surely get investors in the days to come. The product is extremely lightweight and thus comes most handy for all those people out there who like/have to travel a lot.

Collaborators: Melwyn Mathew and Madhumitha Sundaramurthi 

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