Android Nougat- Things you need to get excited about!

Google finally announced the name of its upcoming operating system and it’s not Nutella, much to the disappointment of their fans. Android Nougat will come pre-installed on the new Nexus phones and even though it’s going to be a while till we receive the Nougat update, here are some of the features we are excited about!

Android Nougat



Android introduces picture in a picture option which basically means you will be able to browse on Facebook while you simultaneously watch a video on Youtube. If you've ever seen this feature in a mobile app, you'll understand how it works.



 Identical to Apple’s night shift feature, this mode gives the users a dark makeover to the screen which when used at night, is less glaring than having white light shining into your eyes. Users also have an option to adjust the tint and the brightness of the screen when the night mode has been enabled.


Android Nougat features



Simply put, instants apps permits you to use apps without having to actually install them. Instant apps being launched at the same time as Android Nougat, are expected to serve as the launch pad for the brand new feature.



If you’re a person who downloads lots of applications, and your notification menu gets cramped with alerts, then you’re sure to love this feature! Notification bundles helps you group together alerts from each app thereby assisting you in staying organized.

If you happen to be interested in previewing the software on your device, checkout the android beta program.


Meet daydream. Daydream is Google's new VR platform that brings together hardware and apps from various providers in order to provide a compelling VR experience for the smartphone in your pocket. Compatibility will be limited to new handsets only, so Google's new 2016 Nexus phone should be able to run this feature.


Apart from these features, there are a ton of new goodies on android Nougat such as better battery life, Vulkan graphics, more emojis and native number blocking.

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