All things Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence is a self explanatory word that literally means the thinking sense replicated on a computer device. The abilities include visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translating languages.


All things Artificial Intelligence


Out this, doodleblue picks out two interesting inventions of this week! – Google AI Quickdraw experiment and Chat assistant that is your personal caretaker!


Machine learning technology is one field of technology that is versatile and compliant to conduct any experiment!

AI Experiment has come up with the latest one called QuickDraw with Google, which uses Handwriting Recognition technology utilized in Google Translate.

The game prompts users to sketch specified images in 20 seconds using the mouse or touch screen and the game continues to make guesses.

After a set of six images is played, it gives information about your drawings and the guesses that other users provided!

Since this game is learning from every drawing, the system is evolving and becoming smarter over time based on the neural networks of results from each game played by countless users.

This game accrues the sketches of all the users for a particular object and takes hint on guessing it if a particular image has those angles, lines, axis and tangents!

The memory is never pre fed and it gains insight on the object through many results and this is literally training the neural network to take these guesses. 

A.I Experiments also specifies the technology that it uses to create this experiment, in their website.

AI experiements



In our previous blog we have given a detailed report on how Google’s messaging assistant Google Allo becomes a life saver in more than one way!

More than letting you know where a particular place is or what the show timings are for a movie, your latest robot personal assistant can sense when you are upset, stressed or tired.

The chat assistant is an invention from the open AI ecosystem and this, linked with several emerging technologies; these digital assistants have become more human-like.

This ecosystem till the assistant stage, connected with our mobiles and desktops thus communicating via our messages, contacts, calendars and work files. But now, it connects with the thermostat, the weighing scale, cars and even the bracelet on your wrists.

This integration of Internet of Things and personal data along with spoken conversations with the AI bot literally makes the whole experience real. This helps unlock higher productivity, a constant check on our health and physical assets in your home and work places.

Till date, the assistants have not had access to our daily schedule, our bodies, lives or even something as complex as our moods.

But with intelligent assistant, it becomes very easy when it senses when you are stressed or having a bad day.

Microsoft Research built an assistant that knows when you are busy to take a call and automatically schedules these calls till when you take a break.

If life is being made this easier with a simple integration of intelligence, then we can as well rethink our decisions in hiring personal assistants!

Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishnan

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