Alexa Grabs Spotify’s Audience- Amazon’s Amazing Music Unlimited Product

With more and more voice command based products hitting the market, Amazon followed suit and integrated Alexa’s Artificial Intelligence voice service with its unlimited music streaming device, Echo and brought out their aggressively priced product in the market on October 12th this year.




Touted to recapture and dethrone Spotify and Apple Music’s users, Amazon’s on-demand streaming service is packaged with a slew of options that leaves one tweeting praises in a feverish speed!

With a low-cost tag to it ($10 per month for non Prime members and $8 for Prime members), it surely gives its competitors a run for their money and is made available to all. For users who use the Echo device, the package is priced at just $4 per month which is surely a breath of fresh air.

Amazon has been the pioneer music destination in the web platform for serious fans wanting to purchase albums. This also revitalized the retail scene of music purchase for many stores who lost traction once music turned downloadable.

Its first and eternal competitor turned out to be Apple’s iTunes and subsequent streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music that did extremely well in the web arena.

In order to be ahead of the game, Amazon offers tens of millions of tracks on demand, which will drive the market away from playlist-driven music thus making, on demand, reliable.

The major tie-breaker is for the Echo device (tag wearables) users who need to pay just $4 per month. Echo is a speaker and a voice controlled household computer which is already made compatible with other streaming platforms. The sweetest part of the deal is that Echo users can converse with their chat bot and request songs by saying the lyrics or incomplete song titles.

Amazon Alexa


An on-demand service in music is the best news that all music listeners have received till date. Added to this, there are two great features that redeem the blissful experience of listening to music:

  • Ad-Free streaming: The last thing that a listener wants to hear is an ad that is forcefully inserted before their favorite song. This kills the feeling for many and has been a blotch on the landscape with regards to following and loyalty to the brand in the long run. Amazon’s playlist comes with ad-free music that is on-demand and serves recommendations through algorithms picked from user selection pattern and hand-picked playlist from Amazon’s DJ every day.
  • Ask Alexa: Alexa’s service is indispensible while using the product! Ask her the latest song and she will play it for you. Using own voice, commands can be given, requests can be made and the result derivation is impeccable and on point. What more, playlists are arranged according to your mood. Forgot the song but know parts of the lyrics? Alexa finds that out very easily.
  • Side By Side: This is a unique feature that provides the artists’ commentary on how the song was made, the entire journey of the making. Popular artists like The Chainsmokers, One Republic, Jason Aldean and Lindsey Stirling collaborated with Amazon for this venture!

Amazon Unlimited Music is basically, the amalgamation of every dream and wish of music-fanatics come true. Having covered the entire population, it is no surprise when the allegiance shifts to Amazon. There is nothing more than this, a music-lover can ask for.

Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishnan

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